We’ve known for a while that branding is important. A good company brand will generate new customers, help you score advertisers, and even inspire your employees. In fact, experts say the advantages of good branding are endless. 

The bottom line is — if you brand your business well, your company is sure to thrive. And one of the best ways to learn from the greatest brand experts is by tapping into their knowledge through podcasts.

Now let’s expand on what we mean by brand, and then get into some of the most enlightening episodes on the best branding podcasts.

What is a brand?

So you know that your business should be prioritizing it — but what exactly is a brand anyway

A brand is so much more than the name of your business. It’s everything that people, and the public associate it with. It includes the basics like your logo, but also your customer service reputation, and company culture. 

It can even mean quality assurance and the ethics behind your manufacturing model — really, it’s everything

But today, it’s hugely informed by a company’s social media presence and aesthetic. And to reap all the benefits that everyone’s talking about — your brand should be beautiful, cohesive, in-line with your mission, and build trust and credibility.

That’s why we’ve put together some of the best branding podcast episodes that will help you do just that.

10 Enlightening Podcast Episodes About Branding Your Business

If you want to create a vibrant and healthy brand for your business, or you’re just getting started with personal branding as a solopreneur. It’s going to take time, research, and some new skills.

Luckily, all of these things can be tackled by listening to branding podcasts. (Since you’re likely to save time by multi-tasking while you listen.)

Now, check out our ten best episodes if you’d like to boost your business through quality branding!

A Creative’s Guide to Building an Irresistible Brand Identity 

This is one of the most informative episodes on the popular Brand Builder Podcast (by SnackNation and ForceBrands). In this episode, hosts interview the Creative Director of SnackNation — Eric Wilkinson.

It’s our favorite conversation because it covers everything from color theory to key investments. And the show notes come with a complete “Brand Checklist,” for entrepreneurs who want to cultivate a brand that sells.

If you’re just getting started with your personal brand, or you’re a well-established business looking for a reboot, this episode has something useful for everyone.

How do you remain authentic on social media?

More and more, people are embracing the idea of “voting with your dollar.” So customers are looking for transparency and authenticity.

That’s why we chose this episode, from one of our favorite podcasts — Brand Therapy. In this episode, the hosts have a candid conversation with TV Host turned social media expert, Giselle Ugarte. 

We love this episode because it gets into the importance of community, the realness of TikTok, and finding your voice on social media. This is a fun conversation that’s sure to get you thinking more about your own online branding strategy. 

How to build a brand experience (season three wrap-up)

This episode comes from the How Brands Are Built podcast. (Which is a must-listen for every branding professional.)

In this episode, brand strategist and host, Rob Meyerson defines brand experience (the theme of season three). His definition is: “The totality of all sensations, feelings, thoughts, and actions evoked by a brand.”

He then goes on to explore the definitions of his previous visitors and how to create a positive brand experience for your customers. This is one of our top episodes because it highlights some of the most profound and thought-provoking moments between Meyerson and his guests.

A Plethora of Ideas for a Better Business

The long-running I Love Marketing Podcast (ILM) doesn’t disappoint in episode three hundred and eighty three.

Co-hosts Joe Polish and Dean Jackson have a lively discussion with Lee Richter, an innovator and business leader. It’s packed with tips, tricks, and advice that will compel your customers to act.

This show is all about teaching you simple marketing strategies that will make the biggest impact. Because ILM wants to help its listeners “make money, have fun, and work smarter now.” From mindset to tracking measurable results — this episode has it all.

person writing on white notebook

Building Your Brand with Multiple Interests

This episode comes from The Strategy Behind Branding Yourself podcast, which focuses specifically on building a personal brand. The host, Precious Price is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs gain clarity so that they can “cultivate a brand that will set them apart.”

In this episode, Price concentrates on what to do when your brand has more than one interest. Brand cohesiveness is key, so this can be a tricky issue. When it comes down to it, influencers, content creators, and solopreneurs can’t afford to confuse their audience with conflicting info.

Check out this episode for valuable advice and useful personal branding examples.

How to Humanize Your Brand (with Beth Trejo)

One of the worst experiences for a customer is feeling like a number. Or like your only option is to complain to an unsympathetic robot.

That’s why this episode is essential for anyone who’d like to hone-in on branding experience. It comes from the widely-respected, On Brand Podcast with Nick Westergaard.

And in this show, Beth Trejo (Founder and CEO of Chatterkick) talks with Westergaard about one of the biggest problems that modern marketers have to deal with. The issue? How to establish and maintain a human connection in an increasingly digital world.

Creating a Unique Brand Story

In this episode from the The Logo Geek Podcast, host Ian Paget interviews author and brand strategist, Gregory V. Diehl.

They discuss Diehl’s book, “Brand Identity Breakthrough,” and talk about why creating a compelling narrative, or brand story is essential for every company. While it may not seem like something that you would put at the top of your to-do list, a good story can serve as a powerful tool to drive business.

Paget and Diehl believe that “a well-crafted brand story will allow a business to display its uniqueness, increase sales, help founders build more a fulfilling business, and attract and retain good staff.” This interview is full of branding gems that you can’t miss out on.

Talking Jones Soda with Maisie Antoinello

This is a conversation with the VP of Marketing of Jones Soda Co., America’s beloved craft soft drink. But you’ll want to listen to this episode for more than just the nostalgia.

This is a fascinating conversation for anyone interested in small business branding or “cheetoh innovation.” In the popular podcast, Marketing Over Coffee — co-host John Wall, has an earnest conversation with Maisie Antoinello.

Antoinello talks about her experience at a boutique brand, their limited edition “The Vote Campaign,” and what sets them apart from Coca-Cola and Pepsi. If you love brand novelty and experiential marketing — this is the episode for you.

Remote brand strategy work for dummies (me).

The modest host of the Let’s talk branding podcast, Stef Hamerlinck, makes remote brand strategy less scary and more accessible. And he’s all about helping you with the struggles you face branding a company.

This is one the most utilitarian episodes on our list. Because Hamerlinck walks us through some basic tips and tricks to manage the challenges of working on your brand strategy when you don’t have the benefits of a designated physical space. 

And the best part? He provides a high level summary of all this advice in the show notes. It even comes with action items and a recommended tools list.

How to Grow Real Brands (with Dava Guthmiller)

This is a worthwhile episode from a newer podcast — Just Branding. It’s hosted by Jacob Cass and Matt Davies, two entrepreneurs who strive to create inspirational brands.

Their guest is Dava Guthmiller, the founder and CCO of Noise 13, where she has worked with big brands like UBER and Eat Drink SF. This is our favorite type of conversation, because Guthmiller gets vulnerable and talks about her past failures as well as successes.

This one comes with strategic tips and advice about process, execution, and measurable branding methods. An essential listen for anyone interested in rapidly scaling a healthy brand. 

Knowledge from Branding Podcasts Will Boost Your Business

If you’re thinking about how you can build your brand — your business is on the right track. And with branding podcasts as a tool, you’re in even better shape.

Because branding is key no matter what you’re selling. But good brand strategy encompasses so much, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A brand experience is everything your client sees, feels, and believes about your company — and so much more.

So if you’re feeling lost when it comes to business branding, check out one or all of these episodes. You’re sure to find some solid advice and useful tips. Now let us know in the comments — which episode was the most useful?

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