If you are thinking of listening to a veteran entrepreneurial podcast, there may be more options than you think. Nonetheless, the majority of the veteran podcasts stand out for distinctive podcast features. Veteran entrepreneurs deserve all the help and support to succeed in civilian life.

In essence, the military podcasts cover a wide array of topics that revolve around fitness, personal war stories, self-improvement, comedy, and much more. In fact, there is a podcast for every type of listener. However, there are some online inspiring and riveting podcasts that should be on your list.

Now, to make things easier, here is a collective list of military veteran podcasts that you won’t be able to turn off:

Qualities: What Makes Up a Great Podcast?

Realistically, there is no foolproof formula to start a podcast that would make everyone’s attention. However, a combination of innovation, strategy, and luck plays an essential role in the success of a podcast.

Furthermore, how you integrate modern digital tools into a podcast can make things easier for the listeners. Evidently, you should be knowledgeable and practical about the subject matter. However, what’s important is to shine a unique light on an area of interest or topic that could come across useful.

And most importantly, podcasts should not be cynical or have a dismissive tone when it comes to veteran entrepreneur podcasts. Podcasting is arguably the most intimate medium that creates a unique relationship between the listener and the podcast’s host. Fortunately, there are unique voices online whose qualities are easy to spot:

Concentration on the Main Idea

Every veteran entrepreneur-based podcast should be able to focus on the main idea. It could be anything from a shared knowledge to a political stand on a specific topic. In fact, the main idea is the underlying reason as to why podcasts exist in the first place.

Consistent Schedule

It may sound obvious, but not all podcasts are regular schedules. A reliable podcast for veteran entrepreneurs should have a consistent release schedule to fulfill the listeners’ expectations.

Communicate with the Audience

Your audience is always the king. It is something professional, and experienced podcasters understand more than anything. Podcasters should have the skill to touch a variety of topics together. In fact, it is a matter of non-verbal comprehension that allows you to appeal to more listeners.


The element that defines the quality of a podcast is its authenticity. Podcasts for veteran entrepreneurs often have to step up the game to present the information in the most sophisticated manner possible.

Veterans Helping Veterans Podcast

This podcast for veteran entrepreneurs enables any listener to join or broadcast on the radio. It means conversations are from all over the world. However, the center of focus is mostly for American-veteran entrepreneurs.

Podcast Format and Style

It is one of the first podcasts centered around veteran entrepreneurs. The best aspect of this web-based podcast is how it allows everyone to join in and engage in meaningful conversations. For instance, if you are an old school radio listener, you would love the traditional style and setting of this podcast. The live podcast hosts all the debates and discussions in real-time to entice listeners.

What Makes it So Good?

The podcast does not utilize advanced technological equipment. Engaging cross-country conversations make this podcast worth listening to for veteran entrepreneurs.

This Is War

The podcast shares the compelling and inspiring heroism of service members from all across the country. It creates an atmosphere where guests often share the most intimate details of war stories. However, the magic ingredient of the podcast is when the same servicemen share their struggle to transition into civilian life successfully.

Podcast Format and Style

It invites junior and as well as senior officials to share their war-related tales. The truth is that the brave souls that have had a combat experience is unlike anything people can imagine.

What Makes it So Good?

Every story is worth sharing, and the decisions you make on the field have consequences. The best thing about the podcast is how it helps veteran entrepreneurs come into terms with their civilian lives. Interestingly, each podcast episode represents historical documentation of servicemen’s journey.

The Warrior Soul Podcast

If you want to listen to a more tactical-based podcast, then the Warrior Soul has everything you need. The hosts of the podcast are retired US Marine Corp Veterans.

Podcast Format and Style

The podcast switches back-and-forth from short-form to long-form format. However, the conversational style is not scripted and encourages guests to speak without any restrictions.

What Makes it So Good?

You can find out various tactics, tools, and techniques for the betterment of daily life. The podcast explores the health, fitness options, consciousness efforts, business opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs, and much more knowledge to make lives of the veteran entrepreneurs easier.

Veterans Chronicles

It is an hour-long podcast that shares the heroic stories of American veterans. It also features eyewitnesses and interviews with people who witnessed tragic events or moments in the past.

Podcast Format and Style

The calm atmosphere of the podcast allows listeners to understand the veterans’ perspective on the field. The podcast also highlights the business endeavors of numerous veteran entrepreneurs.

What Makes it So Good?

Interestingly, the podcast includes short segmented features such as “World War II Chronicles,” “Vox Pop,” and “Heroes of the Air.”

Behind the Uniform

The podcast facilitates military veterans to navigate various aspects of civilian careers. Each week, listeners get to meet different junior or senior veterans and find out about their newfound entrepreneurial efforts.

Podcast Format and Style

The podcast primarily encourages the guests to spot the light on their business career and share advice for the aspiring or established veteran entrepreneurs. Currently, there are over 350 military veterans’ interviews who share about their civilian career. The conversation often revolves around what they do now and how they got there in the first place.

What Makes it So Good?

It is an excellent podcast for veterans who want to reach similar post-service civilian goals. Furthermore, you cannot find insightful business and transition resources that can help you create a better network.


A multitude of ingredients makes up a great veteran podcast. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can enjoy listening to a podcast. Veteran podcasts can have a meaningful impact on your life and business.

Unlike other podcasts, veteran entrepreneurial podcast always looks for hidden elements that would capture the listener’s attention better. Veteran podcasts target certain audiences who want more than just to be engaged; they want to listen to a fellow veteran entrepreneur’s experience. Here’s an episode from One Haas podcast that you might want to listen to. Geoff Easterling shares his story from West Point to the Army to Haas School of Business.

Each veteran podcast story signifies an American aspect that binds all veteran entrepreneurs together. And that is why veteran entrepreneurs express unique ideas and engage in conversations to enlighten fellow military veterans.  

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