A new calendar year can serve as a fresh start — the boost that helps you gain momentum with your lofty goals. But new year’s resolutions can also be overwhelming. 

The overachievers of the world will likely stress themselves out, aiming too high. And those who are content with their achievements may start to wonder — am I doing enough? It’s almost impossible to escape the pressure of new year goal setting.

But the new year doesn’t have to come with so much pressure and anxiety. In fact, it shouldn’t. If you’re making the right new year goals, then your life should gradually improve — not get worse because you’re stressed about resolutions.

We’re making an argument for the right kind of new year’s resolutions, sharing the secret to achieving your new year goals, and offering you a list of podcasts to support you along the way. 

You won’t want to miss it!

Why You Should Make a New Year’s Resolution

We’ll say it — new year’s resolution skeptics are right. And here’s the proof to back it up. 

In 2019, a survey by Statista found that only 4% of people kept their resolutions from the year before. And in 2020, a report by the popular fitness app, Strava deemed January 19th “Quitter’s Day.” Their research found that most users on the app abandoned their goals before the end of January. 

Now you’re probably wondering — what’s the point? Why should you make a new year’s goal if it’s doomed from the start. The good news is, not all new year’s resolutions are created equal. Here’s what we mean.

Habit-Driven and Measurable Goals Are Achievable and Essential

We know the numbers are stacked against resolutions, but this certainly doesn’t condemn goals altogether. Your new year’s resolutions probably just need some tweaking.

First of all, think of them as goals instead of resolutions. There’s nothing worse than a vague resolution like “get fit,” or “eat healthy.” Because if you don’t even know what your goal means, then it’s already doomed to fail.

To make your goals a reality they need to be specific, measurable, and habit-driven. You may even want to start habit tracking or habit stacking, if you’re really serious. 

The best goals are progressive, starting with micro-goals and then becoming more ambitious as time progresses. These are the types of goals that lead to sustainable change and improvement.

So how can a podcast help you stick with these specific goals? The answer: mindset.

Podcasts Can Help with Your Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

A growth mindset is just as important as the nature of your goals. But what does that even mean? According to positive psychology experts, “those with a growth mindset believe that they can get smarter, more intelligent, and more talented through putting in time and effort.” 

It’s the opposite of a fixed mindset, which means you are more pessimistic about your abilities. Making this change to self-belief can literally change your life. And that’s where podcasts come in! 

Uplifting podcasts that provide practical tools and education can help you stay in the right frame of mind. A steady dose of quality podcasts can empower you to crush those goals and guide you as they evolve into even bigger ones.

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10 Inspirational Podcasts for Achieving Your New Year Goals

Here are ten of our favorite podcasts that can serve as resource and inspiration. We’ve hit all the major categories, so there’s something for everyone!

Health & Fitness


This podcast is hosted by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Get past the fitness fads and trends with a podcast that translates cutting-edge medical science into useful information. Through interviews with other medical professionals and solo episodes that dive deep on one health topic — you’ll feel empowered as you listen. Dr. Patrick covers topics from Vitamin C to epigenetic ageing, and her show offers practical knowledge that you can apply to your health and fitness goals

Food Psych with Christy Harrison

Hosted by a multi-certified nutritionist, this podcast is strongly aligned with the Health at Every Size movement. Harrison is “dedicated to helping you make peace with food and break free from diet culture.” This one is great for anyone who seeks a truly balanced lifestyle and a healthy relationship with food.

Career Growth & Entrepreneurship

School of Greatness

This long-running show is hosted by Lewis Howes, athlete, entrepreneur, and business coach. On the show, Howes covers life-changing topics related to entrepreneurship, mindset, health, and so much more. Through conversations with household names like Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, and Scooter Braun — Howes helps listeners achieve greatness.

The Marie Forleo Podcast

From the world-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marie Forleo — this podcast is a must-listen. The host is the author of several bestselling books including “Everything is Figureoutable.” In the podcast, Marie talks with successful guests from all walks of life. Together they share “actionable strategies,” that will help you become the person you want to be.

Personal Finance

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

We featured Torabi’s show before as an inspirational podcast, and we’re sharing it again because it’s that good. This award-winning money-coach doesn’t just teach people how to budget, she helps them untangle their complicated connections to money so they can bounce back from their financial struggles and thrive. From everyday spending, to negotiating, and college savings plans. This podcast will teach you essential personal finance skills so you can tackle your money goals.

Mental Health & Wellness

The Confidence Chronicles

This mindset podcast is hosted by bestselling author and self-proclaimed “Queen of Confidence” Erika Cramer. She teaches that confidence is for everyone. With radical transparency, Cramer covers topics like self-love, intention-setting, and so much more. This uplifting podcast is sure to help you achieve that growth-mindset.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking with Nora McInerny

McInerny rejects the notion of “good vibes only.” Instead of glossing over issues with a casual “I’m fine,” she wants to explore the complex feelings and stories that make us who we are. She has honest conversations with “real people,” where they discuss things like physical pain, complicated families, and the hard work of friendship. This podcast will surely make you feel less lonely and more human.

Sleep Whispers

Because good sleep is essential to overall wellness. The host of this show is professor Craig Harris Richard, but he refers to himself as “Whispering Harris.” It might take some effort to take this one seriously at first, but if you struggle to fall asleep at night, it’ll do the trick. Harris helps listeners fall asleep through six types of whispered episodes that include bedtime stories, Wikipedia readings, and tranquil poems. 

Personal Life & Relationships

How to Citizen with Baratunde

This podcast transforms citizen into a verb. Hosted by writer, activist, and comedian Baratunde Thurston — this should be essential listening for everyone. In his show, Baratunde urges us to go beyond voting (the minimum) and teaches us how to wield our collective power to influence significant change. A great podcast for anyone looking for some hope and the tools to improve our world.

Life Kit

An ambitious show premise — a toolkit filled with everything you could possibly need in life. Its creators know that “Everyone needs a little help being human.” This NPR show covers pretty much everything under the sun. Our favorites topics: breakups, improvising in the kitchen, and how to organize your photos. This podcast doesn’t disappoint. You’re sure to find something useful in this Life Kit.

Podcasts Will Keep Your New Year Revolution on Track

If you set good new year’s resolutions you are bound to succeed. But when you’re struggling with your personal revolution, these podcasts will remind you that your goals are in your grasp! 

Don’t miss out on some of the best motivational podcasts for mindset, habits, and just being human. No matter where you are in your new year goal setting, you can use these practical podcasts to find direction.

Still looking for new year resolution ideas? These inspirational podcasts can help with that too. Don’t wait to listen! Comment and share your new year’s resolution list below.

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