The world of business and marketing is rapidly changing, so it is necessary to keep up with the new trends.

One of the most popular and go-to methods for educating yourself on modern marketing and business trends is listening to podcasts. If you like listening to marketing podcasts, then let us help you find the best marketing podcast episodes. 

We are not here to only share the names of reputable business and marketing podcasts. We have also selected the best episodes from each podcast on our list that talk about effective marketing strategies for startups.

Among the best marketing podcasts, we have picked the best episodes so that you don’t have to. These podcast episodes have unique, useful, and practical ideas for new startup owners.

1. First thing first, understand whom you’re marketing to

If you want to learn about online startups in an entertaining way, then subscribe to The Fizzle Show.

The founders of started The Fizzle Show to help out online entrepreneurs to step up their business game. Their podcasts mostly revolve around creating valuable services or products, building an audience, and starting a business that guarantees success.

The show hosts Chase, Corbett, and Barrett are hilarious, yet they offer great insights on business and marketing strategies. Here we choose a unique podcast from The Fizzle Show, which is about the ten mistakes which online entrepreneurs make.

In this podcast, the show hosts mention some very common practices online entrepreneurs do when starting their business. These include delaying the launch of their product and not prioritizing the issues properly.

You will also get to know about the ‘customer development’ process in detail. New startup owners usually have some misconceptions about customer care and feedback. They think they are interacting well with the customers by reading and replying to their emails. However, customer development is more than sending emails and responding to them.

The podcast also discusses how easy it is for young startup owners to get confused between competing and copying the competitors. To find out the difference between the two, listen to this fantastic podcast.

The Fizzle Show: Top 10 mistakes in starting an online business (FS080)

2. Live chat is the winning marketing strategy

Marketing over Coffee is one of the most renowned and in-demand podcasts in the realm of marketing.

We love everything about Marketing over Coffee, from its name to the casual narrative of the hosts and speaker when explaining lesser-known facts about marketing. The name is so soothing and gives a feel of casually chatting about marketing and selling products while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The weekly podcast brings tips and strategies from marketing gurus you do not want to miss. The episodes are short but have great insights and actionable takeaways to use in your online and offline marketing.

From the application of unique marketing strategies to addressing gender biases in the industry, Marketing over Coffee has up till covered every little niche in the world of business and advertising. It was hard for us to pick an episode from such a versatile set of podcasts until we came across something new.

In one of its episodes, Marketing over Coffee invites Mike Yan, CEO of Manychats, to teach marketing over live chatting. Yan explains his own experience of co-founding Manychats and how he and his company resolved issues of chatting between customers and service providers.

He tells about how Facebook and Instagram provide major channels to interact with customers. He explains the ways and importance of improving channels for customer conversations. Listen to the following podcast episode to learn about chat campaigns, channel changes, and much more.

Marketing over Coffee: Learning chat marketing with Mike Yan

3. Ways to increase conversion rates

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website. For digital marketers, optimizing their website’s conversion rate is very important to generate more traffic on the page.

This way, you get to lower your customer acquisition cost and have more value from users and visitors you already have. Optimizing the conversion rate increases the revenue rate per visit. If you want to accelerate the conversion rates on your webpage, then this podcast is for you.  

Conversion Cast is every digital marketer’s ultimate guide as it contains useful information about digital marketing and unique strategies. The founders of LeadPages have created Conversion Cast to guide digital marketers upon increasing the conversion rates.

The podcasts by Conversion Cast mainly features examples of different websites and marketers and how they have optimized their conversion rates.

All the episodes are nice and short, usually 15 minutes in length. If you want to listen to something quick and helpful, then check out the podcast by Conversion Cast. Here you will find loads of inspiration and ideas to help you optimize and test certain things across your website.

We have picked the Conversation Cast episode featuring Jason Martin, who has been running email automation marketing at Leadpages. This episode talks about the best marketing automation practices for conversion. Martin teaches ways to create different marketing automation sequences for different types of customers.

In the podcast episode, he has also shared the number one tactic to move customers effectively through your funnel. Want to know what that is? Find out here, Conversion Cast: Marketing automation that drives conversions.

content writing

4. How to create the best content for marketing

Where there is a significant emphasis on understanding the clever tips and tricks of business and new marketing strategies, young people struggle with the basics, such as producing unique and compelling content.

The demand for content is enormous, which is why content marketing strategies benefit a lot to new startups. However, brainstorming for new content every day can be overwhelming and tricky to get through.

Among the best content marketing podcasts, we have picked the episode of Marketing Nerds featuring Amanda DiSelvistro, the marketing manager for Discover Corps. Amanda DiSelvistro shared some handy and unique tips on research and writing for marketing content.

In this podcast episode, Amanda DiSelvistro discusses the things that help her write top quality content without burning out. She speaks about how producing and writing content can take a lot of time and how one can increase their pace.

Do listen to this episode if you want to write high-quality content for effective marketing. Even if you are doing well with content writing, this podcast episode will surely enlighten you with some helpful tips you may haven’t thought of before. Listen to the podcast here:

Marketing Nerds: How to come up with content ideas for your blog

5. Brand Safety – rising concerns with programming and retargeting ads

 ‘Behind the Numbers’ podcast is one of the best marketing podcasts where you will find various episodes on the impact of media and marketing on the business world.

If you have not listened to any of the episodes of Behind the Numbers, then you are missing out a lot. This podcast will not only make you understand how your marketing impacts others but also how other’s marketing can impact you.

We picked the episode of Behind the Numbers, which talks about the concerns of brand safety. This episode features an 18-minute long interview with Marc Goldberg, CEO of Trust Metrics. Here you will get to learn about the relationship between brand safety, fake news, and fraud.  

Brand safety is all about ensuring that the digital ads do not appear any reputable webpage, particularly those with extremist or inappropriate content. However, with programmatic advertising, retargeting ads can appear anywhere, and this has opened doors to many problems.

Brand safety is at risk with unauthorized programmatic advertising. Several household brands have been caught serving ads on extremist and pornographic sites. Companies have to ensure that their ads are not appearing next to any extremist, violent, or inappropriate content.

In this podcast episode, Marc Goldberg talks about how important it is for new online startup owners to understand the risk of programmatic advertising and ways to overcome it. Goldberg also talks about how targeting technology is getter better and how the marketing world is advancing to address the dangers regarding a brand’s reputability.

Behind the Numbers: Brand Safety, Fake news, and Fraud

6. Accelerate response rate on cold emails

How We Solve, as the name suggests, features podcasts to solve the toughest of problems in e-commerce and SaaS. Every podcast episode features interviews with industry experts who give insights about branding, improving customer experience, managing teams, and much more.

Cold emailing is an effective method for optimizing outbound sales and outreach. It delivers incredible results, but only when you do it correctly, and that’s where things get tricky. As a young startup owner or digital marketer, you need to learn ways to upscale the cold email outreach that can help you stand out.

Do you want to get a 60% to 70% open rate with and 20% response rate on cold emails? If yes, then listen to this episode of “How We Solve,” featuring an interview with Juhan Kaarma, CEO of ChatCrearte.

Juhan Kaarma helps hundreds of companies get a support boot; hence, he is the perfect guy to teach ways to accelerate responses on cold emails. He explains ways to increase the response rate and open rate in this particular episode.

Juhan Kaarma also shares some tips to keep emails simple and advises the listeners not to send too many follow-ups. He shares his experience of how he managed to gain a 0-20% response rate on cold emails, which you should not miss. Here is the link.

How We Solve: How an entrepreneur went from 0-20% response rate on cold email. (Ep 2)

Wrapping up

Listening to podcasts is the best way to educate yourself about new business and marketing strategies.

If you think that you don’t have enough time to listen to podcasts, you can listen while driving to work, walking, having lunch, and even while doing chores.

There are some very best marketing podcasts that you must listen to. We have gathered some of the best podcast episodes that will help strengthen your new startups, earn smart, service better, and market your products like a pro.

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