If you are a successful executive, you are probably in a constant state of learning. And you should always look for opportunities to think, learn, and listen, strategize creatively. You will not only become a better leader, but you will also help foster creativity and diversity in your workplace, setting a great example for other employees at your organization.

Staying inspired and motivated requires time; however, time is limited. This is why so many business leaders and executives are now listening to podcasts, which is a perfect solution for busy executives.

From small business owners to titans of the business world, the expert that you are looking for to get that daily dose of inspiration is out there, sharing their knowledge and expertise.  And these discussions can vary considerably from something broad, such as podcasts about how to expand a business enterprise, to episodes that are more specific, such as how to increase workplace diversity or acquire more customers through digital marketing channels.

Do you want to unlock your organization’s full potential? If yes, diversity is the key. And, fortunately, you will find many podcasts that discuss how you can make your workplace more diverse. You probably know that today’s managers and supervisors are responsible for leading workers and responding to the dynamic needs and preferences of more culturally and ethnically diverse customers. The changes in our world show that a diverse workforce can be beneficial to any company, regardless of the size or industry.

This is partly because businesses are becoming more international to capture a more significant share of the market. You have to keep in mind that diversity is not only about developing a better consumer and employer brand. It also has tangible benefits when it comes to creativity, productivity, and ROI. 

This is why leaders in both the private and public sectors pay more attention to the critical issue of diversity in the workplace. Whether the main goal is to provide excellent customer service, be an employer of choice, or maintain a competitive edge in the market, diversity is increasingly recognized and leveraged as an essential organizational resource.

What Does A Diversified Workforce Mean?

We can define diversity as acknowledging, accepting, understanding, and valuing differences among individuals concerning class, age, race, gender, ethnicity, and disabilities. When a majority of people think of a diversified workforce, they usually think of a workforce that comprises women and men and individuals from varying racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

If you think the same, you are partially right. However, keep in mind that diversified workforces are becoming more complex and organizations that find new and creative ways to embrace these changes can improve their businesses.

For example, if an organization wants to increase diversity, it will likely prefer a more varied professional experience to a candidate who has taken a more “cookie-cutter” career path. It is also worth noting that organizations that seek diversification have to ensure that their workers accept it.

Therefore, it is an employer’s responsibility to communicate the significance of a diversified and balanced workforce to their employees to prevent discriminatory behavior. Organizations have to embrace diversity and seek ways to become inclusive companies because diversity can certainly yield greater work productivity and many competitive advantages.

Why Do Organizations Need Diversity in Their Workforce?

We cannot overstress the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It can increase marketing opportunities and reduce lawsuits. Diversity can also improve your company’s creativity, recruitment, and brand image.

It is essential for a company’s success in an era when creativity and flexibility are keys to competitiveness. Here are some advantages of a diverse workforce.

Fosters Creativity and Innovation

The opportunity for increased innovation and creativity exists in the workplace as people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds work together. This is simply because there are more individuals with differing perspectives, viewpoints, and solutions to problems, allowing for a greater chance of a feasible solution to a workplace problem.

And these differences result in different viewpoints and perspectives, making it easy and quick to solve problems in new and more innovative ways. When workers with different backgrounds, personalities, experiences, and perspectives bounce ideas off one another, it is more likely to come up with novel and out of the box solutions and ideas.

Enhances Employee Performance

Diversity in the office makes it possible for workers to feel more comfortable, accepted, and happier. Did you know that this also increases motivation in the workplace?

Also, keep in mind that ethnically diverse organizations are 35 percent more likely to outperform their peers. We can attribute this to the fact that equality and diversity in the workplace encourage employees to feel confident in achieving their best.

Attract the Best Candidates

There is no doubt that organizations that show they value both diversity and inclusion attract top talent. And note that less diverse environments may also be hostile and uncomfortable for people who feel that they do not fit in. On the other hand, when people feel valued and cared about, they tend to stay and refer to others.

Improves Employer Brand and Reputation

You probably know that workplace diversity improves an organization’s reputation and employer brand. If your company creates and promotes diversity in the workplace, it will gain an ethical and socially responsible reputation.

 Also, note that almost every organization, whether big or small, wants and values diversity in the workplace to be relevant. And the criteria are not just to meet the requirements of diversity policies or hiring quotas, but also helps bring goodwill to a company.

Diversity also connects you with the community around you. When you employ a diversified workforce, your workforce also reflects the community your location and, perhaps, the community you serve.  Diversity develops an excellent reputation for the organization and leads to increased profitability for the company. So, organizations that commit to diversity tend to enjoy a global reputation.

Better Decision Making

Diversity in the workplace also leads to better decision making.

Did you know that a white paper from Cloverpop has indicated a direct association between workplace diversity and decision-making? And it is worth emphasizing that researchers noted that when diverse business teams made a corporate decision, these teams outperformed individual or non-diverse decision-makers up to 87 percent.

When workers with different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together, they usually come up with more solutions, leading to a more informed decision-making process. 

These are some of the benefits of diversity in the workplace and explain why companies, such as FIT’D, connect job seekers from a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to dream jobs by offering the best mentorship and a job preparation toolkit. Find out more about this company’s mission in this enlightening and engaging Haas podcast episode of Kelly Cure, founder of FIT’D.

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Steps To Improve Workplace Diversity

Establish a Mentor Program

Consider establishing a mentor program to encourage employee growth. You can use the mentor program to foster every employee’s professional and personal development in your company, not just employees from diverse backgrounds.

 Keep in mind that mentor programs are great as they provide mentees a dedicated person to talk to if an issue arises while also offering structured support and guidance for career growth.

Get Rid of Stereotypes

During every job interview, allow all candidates to present themselves as who they are and don’t make the mistake of jumping to conclusions about their work ethic, skill level, abilities, and interests, etc.

Consider Mixing up the Seating Arrangements

We know that it is quite easy for people to work and operate only within their teams. However, this focus can also be limiting and can obstruct, rather than promote, creativity, and innovation in the workplace.

 You can mix up seating arrangements in a way that tables include members from various teams. This will help keep things fresh while allowing your employees to learn more about others daily.

Promote Diverse Workers to Higher Positions

Note that it is not enough for people from different backgrounds to be in the door. Your company will not fully reap all the rewards of having a diverse and multifaceted team without promoting them to top leadership roles.

Best Podcasts about Workplace Diversity

If you are looking to improve diversity in your workplace, it is crucial to look for new and interesting ideas and perspectives on this topic. Podcasts are an excellent way to introduce a new and improved learning mode that most people have come to enjoy, whether you want to use them as conversation starters at your workplaces or as an inspiration to make changes.

Here is a list of amazing podcasts about workplace diversity.

Code Switch 

A multi-racial and multi-generational team of NPR journalists hosts Code Switch and covers aspects, like race, gender, and identity. Code Switch is worth listening to as the team wants to have uncomfortable, messy, and essential conversations with the depth and nuance they deserve. 

Diversity Deep Dive

This podcast is excellent, as you will get to hear insights, engage, and uplift stories of perseverance, resilience, and determination against the odds. The podcast shares meaningful dialogue to positively affect diversity and inclusion by dispelling myths and stereotypes and tackling biases.

HBR’s Women at Work

This podcast covers conversations about the workplace and women’s changing place in it. You will love how HBR editors and guest experts, untangle and deal with some of the knottiest issues and complexities around being a woman at work.

Final Thoughts

A strong diversity strategy will help your company attract top talent, improve creativity and innovation, enhance employee performance, and drive innovative results

What is your company’s stance on diversity in the workplace? In what ways did it benefit your organization? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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